Google Drive

Store, access, and share securely with Google Drive, part of Google Workspace

Google LLC

Google Drive is an app for smartphones that provides a safe storage space for files. Google Drive can actually be used from anywhere and from just about any type of device used to access the internet. This app allows you to quickly save files, work or internet data and then to retrieve it later from the same device, or even another.

Files and work are stored securely and can quickly be recalled. If you save a lot of files, it's still not a problem. A simple name search can help you to instantly find and load the file. You can even enable files to be viewed and edited while offline, making this the perfect solution for important work. You will be able to get things done from nearly anywhere in the world.

Paper documents can even be "scanned in," and saved in Google Drive. This can be done with the use of your smartphone's camera. Google Drive also gives users access to photos and videos saved in Google Photos. Access levels can be set to allow other users to view or even edit your saved files. This provides solutions to a number of workplace and team issues.